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Moxa is your path to wellness with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Heal naturally with our guided sessions, personalized for you.

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Begin Your Acupressure and TCM Wellness Journey

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Improve Health

Take your Traditional Chinese Medicine quiz in our app to find out where your yin and yang Qi needs to be balanced and the acupressure points that will help you do it.

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Sleep Better

Acupuncture treatments has been used for thousands of years to improve sleep. Try our sleep sessions tonight and feel the benefits of acupuncture for yourself.

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Natural Relief

Acupressure has been proven effective at providing relief to those suffering from many different common ailments, chronic pains and conditions

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Powerful TCM Wellness and Acupressure App

2000 Acupressure Points
178 Acupressure Sessions
Infinite Personalisation

Experience Natural Relief with Acupressure

Personalized Acupressure

Custom acupressure routine based on your constitution as seen by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Guided and Easy-To-Follow

No stress instructions on finding point locations of each of the acupressure points on your body during each of the sessions

Convenient Tool for Natural Relief

Find sessions for many common ailments, and target them with the point groups best for you, and address the ailments the natural way

Moxa Premium
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$59.99 USD/yr
7 Day Free Trial
Your Personal TCM Diagnosis
Custom Daily Acupressure Ritual
Wellness and Dietary Tips
178+ Sessions and Counting
24hr chatGPT support
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Moxa Testamonials

"OMG WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS SOONER?! Are use the Point protocols for allergies and common cold with nasal congestion and my sinuses drained immediately like the Hoover Dam had busted open."


"... to create a personalized custom acupressure session (w/ meditative music) is like nothing else we have available in this modern age, as it brings the healing magic of Traditional Chinese medicine right to your pocket!"

Daniel F

"[Moxa] guides you through every step (beginners will feel right at home!) through their beautiful UI. There’s also a way to personalize the app to your own body and needs so that you can do tailored sessions on your own points. "


[Moxa] Acupressure app is an extremely innovative and helpful app. I cannot always access acupuncture in person and this app allows me to experience acupuncture in a different way from the comfort of my own home.


This is a great tool for anyone that wants to be involved in their own health. The aesthetic is so beautiful that i cannot wait to open the app to do my daily acupressure. I'm a licensed acupuncturist and find the information to be incredibly relevant and helpful...


In the almost 8 months since I began using [Moxa], I've started almost every day off with a session... it's been amazing! The app has been informative, helpful, and inspiring, always improving too. So easy to use and built with so much great information in it.


I’ve tried several meditation and mindfulness apps but this was the first one that actually made a noticeable difference! You feel less like you are watching videos and more like you are helping your body find balance. (Though I love the quick video content too.)


I’ve been loving this app so far. It’s very well designed app. The routines are explained and can help walk you through acupressure with no previous knowledge. My personal favorite so far is the trouble falling asleep routine. Right after doing it I feel extremely relaxed...


FAQs About Acupressure

Have questions about Moxa App? Check out our support site for detailed questions and answers, or send us a question through our chat-GPT enabled chat box 24x7.


Does acupressure really work?

Yes, acupressure really works when applied correctly. The efficacy of acupressure, like many alternative therapies, can vary from person to person. Many individuals have reported positive effects, and several studies have supported its benefits in various areas, such as sleep quality, nausea control, and pain relief.

How do you do acupressure on yourself?

To do acupressure on yourself, press on acupoints with firm but not uncomfortable pressure. It should be about a 7 out of 10: mildly uncomfortable where you are pressing, but not painful. To identify which acupoints to target, we recommend using the Moxa Acupressure App!

Is acupressure as effective as acupuncture?

Acupressure can be almost as effective as acupuncture if practiced regularly for many conditions. Both rely on the same principle of stimulating acupressure points to restore the flow of qi in our bodies. However, some points may find difficult to reach on your own, and your fingers may feel tired from pressing.

What are the side effects of pressing acupressure points?

Acupressure is considered safe for most people, but common side effects include soreness, dizziness, or emotional reactions. Some people may experience other temporary effects like soreness or bruising at the point of application, dizziness or light-headedness, and emotional release, which might include sudden emotional reactions.

How long does it take to see results with acupressure?

Results with acupressure may come immediately for conditions that just started, and may take multiple sessions for things that are more chronic. If you are experiencing a headache that just started, or stress in the moment, acupressure is a great way to feel better quickly. However, if you've suffered for years with migraines or an upset tummy, it may take about 10 sessions to begin noticing changes. Read more articles on acupressure basics.

How to get the most out of the Moxa App?

To get the most benefit out of the Moxa App, we recommend using our "My Points" section. This creates a customized series of points that are unique to your body for use every day. If you are feeling a specific symptom (headaches, anxiety, etc.) use our "symptoms" tab for highly targeted protocols. Each targeted section will have specific instructions about how often to use it for maximum results. Acupressure is a great way to optimize your wellness and stay in tip top shape. You do not need to be actively experiencing any symptoms to benefit from acupressure!

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