Acupressure Points for Carpal Tunnel

July 7, 2023
3 mins

Acupuncture Points Mentioned in this Article

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome involves the compression of the median nerve leading to symptoms such as numbness and pain in the hand. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a common condition where the median nerve, which controls some of our fingers, gets compressed in the wrist area. This can cause symptoms like numbness, tingling, and pain in the hand, especially when doing repetitive tasks like typing or using a mouse. Often, people may wake up at night because their hands feel numb. If not treated properly, over time, it can lead to muscle weakness and even loss of hand sensation. Traditional Western treatments include using physical therapy, wrist braces, painkillers, and sometimes even surgery.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective on Carpal Tunnel

TCM views Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as treatable through acupuncture and specific manual techniques. From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is more than just a physical compression issue. TCM believes that it can be treated using acupuncture and specific manual techniques. Acupuncture points in the forearm and even in the leg are targeted to help relieve the tension and compression in the wrist area. By doing this, TCM aims to reduce the inflammation and improve the overall function of the hand and wrist. This alternative approach has been beneficial for many, offering relief without the need for surgery or constant medication.

Hand Reflexology Points for Carpal Tunnel

Great Hill (Daling 大陵) PC7 Acupoint

The Great Hill Acupressure Point alleviates arm and wrist pain and provides a sense of relief. This point helps calm your mind and get rid of irritability. It's great for reducing arm and wrist pain, which can be caused by using computers a lot. If you've got arm pain from typing or mouse use, this is a go-to spot. Additionally, it can aid with chest tightness and headaches, providing an overall sense of relief.

Where is acupuncture point PC7?

The Great Hill point PC7 is located where the horizontal wrist crease meets the midpoint between two tendons on the inner side of the wrist.

How do I find acupressure point PC7?

  1. Turn your palm upwards
  2. Flex your wrist towards yourself
  3. Look for the midpoint between the two protruding tendons at the horizontal crease on the inner side of your wrist.
  4. That is the Great Hill Acupressure Point

Inner Pass (Neiguan 內關) PC6 Acupressure Point

The Inner Pass Acupressure Point offers relief from neck stiffness, hand numbness, and improves blood flow in the chest. It also helps with issues in your digestive system, mouth, and throat, and even reduces anxiety and tension. Plus, it's good for blood flow in the chest. Beyond computer-related issues, it's beneficial for conditions like migraines and stomach pain.

Where is acupuncture point PC6?

The Inner Pass point PC6 is found two inches above the wrist crease on the inner side of the forearm, between two tendons.

How I find acupressure point PC6?

  1. Turn your palm upwards
  2. Bend your wrist and touch the middle of your forearm near the wrist.
  3. Move two inches up from the wrist crease to find the point between two tendons.

Fish Border (Yu Ji 魚際) LU10 Acupressure Point

Fish Border Acupressure Point assists with hand issues and relieves tension. Located near the base of your thumb, pressing the Fish Border can help with hand issues, which is beneficial if you're often on a keyboard or mouse. Also, knowing its exact location can be beneficial for more general hand discomfort and tension relief.

Where is acupuncture point LU10?

The Fish Border point LU10 is located near the wrist, on the border between the palm and the back of the hand, starting from the base of the thumb.

How do I find acupressure point LU10?

  1. Starting from the base of your thumb
  2. Move towards your wrist.
  3. LU10 is where the palm and the back of the hand meet, on the side of the thumb

Labor Place (LaoGong 勞宫) PC8 Acupressure Point

The Labor Place Acupressure Point assists with hand sweat problems and alleviates other pains. It can assist those with hand sweat problems (maybe from gripping a mouse tightly) and other general pains. If you have mouth issues from speaking a lot during online meetings, this point can be helpful too. Beyond these, it's a good point for alleviating chest pain and reducing excessive stress or "fire" in the body.

Where is acupuncture point PC8?

The Labor Place point PC8 is located in the palm's center, between the third and fourth metacarpal bones.

How do I find acupressure point PC8?

  1. With your palm facing up, make a loose fist
  2. Look for the midpoint between the tips of your middle and ring fingers pressing lightly on the palm.
  3. The point is between the third and fourth metacarpal bones in the center of the palm.

Pressure Points for Carpal Tunnel on Arm

Branch Ditch (Zhigou 支溝) TE6 Acupoint

Branch Ditch Acupressure Point aids in relieving hand discomfort and other forearm issues. It is another point that aids with hand issues. If you're experiencing discomfort from typing or using a computer mouse, give this point some attention. Furthermore, focusing on this point can provide relief from other forearm discomforts, making it versatile in use.

Where is acupuncture point TE6?

The Branch Ditch point TE6 is situated an inch above the 'Outer Pass', between the two bones of the forearm.

How do I find acupressure point TE6?

  1. Find the midpoint between your wrist and elbow on the outer side of your forearm
  2. Then move one inch towards your elbow.
  3. The point is between the two bones of the forearm.

Arm Three Mile (Shou San Li 手三里) LI10 Acupoint

Arm Three Mile Acupressure Point treats hand numbness, elbow pain, and can aid shoulder issues. This point can be a game-changer for people who use computers a lot. It treats hand numbness and elbow pain (like the pain you get from constantly typing). It's also great for shoulder problems and can even help if you're someone who easily catches colds. Besides, it's effective for acne and toothaches, showcasing its wide range of benefits.

Where is acupuncture point LI10?

The Arm Three Mile point LI10 is positioned two inches below the outer bend of the elbow on the thumb side of the forearm.

How to find acupressure point LI10?

  1. Turn your palm up
  2. Starting from the outer bend of your elbow, measure two inches down towards your palm on the thumb side of your forearm.

Pressure Points for Carpal Tunnel on Leg

Yang Hill Spring (Yang Ling Quan 陽陵泉) GB34 Acupoint

Yang Hill Spring Acupressure Point is beneficial for leg and lower back issues and aids in better blood flow. It is especially good for people with leg and lower back problems, maybe from sitting too long at a desk. It also helps with stomach issues and promotes better blood flow, which can help after long hours of sitting. Moreover, this point can prevent baldness and alleviate symptoms of stomach ulcers, making it multi-beneficial.

Where is acupuncture point GB34?

The Yang Hill Spring point GB34 is located about an inch below the knee, in the center of a depression in front of a round bone protrusion.

How do I find acupressure point GB34?

  1. Place your fingers about an inch below your knee on the outer side
  2. Feel for a round bone's protrusion
  3. GB34 is in the center of the depression in front of this bone.

How to Relieve Carpal Tunnel Pain with Acupressure Points?

Acupressure can naturally alleviate the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by stimulating specific points like Great Hill, Inner Pass, Yang Hill Spring, and Arm Three Mile. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can cause discomfort for many, especially those involved in repetitive tasks. Acupressure offers a natural method to potentially alleviate this discomfort.

Here are some practical tips to get the most out of these acupressure techniques:

  • Create a serene environment: Choose a quiet space where distractions are minimal. This calm setting will enhance your focus and heighten the healing effects of acupressure.

  • Deep breathing: Initiate your session by inhaling and exhaling deeply. This not only calms your mind but also prepares your body for the acupressure session, making it more receptive to the process.

  • Clean hands: Hygiene is essential. Ensure that your hands are clean before you start. This will prevent any potential infections, especially when dealing with sensitive areas.

  • Consistency is key: Regular application of these acupressure techniques is more beneficial than sporadic sessions. Aim to integrate these into your daily or weekly routine for a sustained impact

Individual responses can vary. If these acupressure techniques don't offer the relief you're seeking, consider consulting with a licensed acupuncturist or TCM practitioner for tailored advice.

Simplify Your Acupressure Sessions with Moxa

The Moxa Acupressure App provides tailored sessions and rituals to aid in consistent acupressure practice for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Enhance your wellness journey by exploring the Moxa Acupressure App. It provides an array of rituals and tailored sessions aimed at addressing the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and rejuvenating your wrists and hands. Let Moxa simplify the process of identifying the correct acupressure points, managing session durations, and monitoring your progress. Discover how Moxa can guide you in pinpointing the ideal points for your symptoms and in developing a consistent routine.

Incorporating acupressure into your routine can be a natural way to manage Carpal Tunnel symptoms and promote overall hand and wrist health. Prioritize your wellness and consider this ancient technique as a potential solution.

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