Acupressure Points for Headaches

March 2, 2022
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Acupuncture Points Mentioned in this Article

Headaches vary in intensity, and understanding the type is vital for effective relief. Are you tired of dealing with pounding headaches and intense pressure that ruins your day? Headaches come in all shapes and sizes, from mild tension headaches to debilitating migraines. It's important to understand the type of headache you're experiencing so you can effectively address and find relief for your symptoms.

Traditional Chinese Medicine View of Headaches

Headaches in Traditional Chinese Medicine indicate imbalances, often caused by disrupted Qi flow. They think our body has a vital energy called Qi. When this energy doesn't flow right, because of stress, bad eating habits, weather changes, or other reasons, it can cause headaches. For example, if you often feel stressed or angry, you might get headaches on the sides of your head. The goal is to find out what's causing the headache and fix the main problem, not just the headache itself.

Pressure Points for Headaches on Forehead

White Yang Point (Yang Bai 陽白) GB14 Acupoint

White Yang alleviates forehead headaches and various eye troubles. White Yang is an effective point for treating conditions like eye issues, migraines, and trigeminal neuralgia. It's most often used for frontal headaches, teary eyes, and corneal inflammation but can also help relieve symptoms of night blindness and nearsightedness.

Where is Acupuncture Point GB14?

Yang White is positioned directly above the pupil, one inch (the width of a thumb) above the eyebrow. It's located on each side of the forehead.

How to find Acupressure Point GB14?

  1. Look straight ahead.
  2. Measure one inch (about the width of a thumb) above your eyebrow.
  3. Find the intersection of the vertical line that passes through the pupil.
  4. The point where these two meet is the Yang White point.

Supreme Yang Point (Tai Yang 太陽) Ex-HN5 Acupoint

Supreme Yang relieves symptoms like eye fatigue, rhinitis, and promotes skin health. It's also beneficial for promoting blood and lymph circulation, which in turn enhances skin health.

Where is Acupuncture Point Ex-HN5?

The Supreme Yang point is nestled on each side of the forehead, right between the outer edge of the eye and the eyebrow, directly in the hollowed-out indentation.

How to find Acupressure Point Ex-HN5?

  1. Place your finger on the end of your eyebrow towards the corner of your eye.
  2. Slide your finger along towards the temple.
  3. Look for the dent or indentation on the bone; that is the Supreme Yang point.

Pressure Points for Headaches on Head

Hundred Meeting Point (Baihui 百會) GV20 Acupoint

Hundred Meeting Point acupoint on the head offers relief for multiple issues including headaches from eye fatigue. The Baihui acupoint is an all-purpose point that can help with many problems. Positioned centrally on the head, Baihui is ideal for relief from headaches, especially when they are caused by eye fatigue, sinus congestion or shoulder pain. Additionally, the point can help soothe muscle discomfort and mental strain.

Where is Acupuncture Point GV20?

The Hundred Meeting Point is found on your head, directly straight upward from the center of your forehead by about five inches.

How to find Acupressure Point GV20?

  1. Touch the center top of your head.
  2. Press around until it feels a bit sore. You've found it.

Four Spirit Clearing Points (Si Shen Cong 四神聰穴) Ex-HN1 Acupoint

The Four Spirit Clearing Points around Baihui reduce headache intensity and restore yang energy. These points, found around Baihui point, can reduce the intensity and frequency of your headaches. They also aid in restoring the body's strength (yang energy), helping with conditions like organ sagging and dizziness as a result of lowered yang energy.

Where is Ex-HN1 Acupuncture Points?

You can find these points surrounding the Baihui acupoint on all sides.

How to find Ex-HN1 Acupressure Points?

  1. Touch the top of your head where the center of your forehead and your ears meet.
  2. From this spot, move your finger about the width of your thumb in any direction. That's where these points are.

Hearing Palace Point (聽宮穴 SI19) Acupoint

The Hearing Palace addresses ear disorders and symptoms like headaches and dizziness. It is a key acupuncture point used for ear disorders and can also provide relief for headaches, heavy-headedness, dizziness, vision loss, and memory loss. Its strategic location makes it easy to alleviate ear troubles when combined with the Ear Gate point.

Where is Acupuncture Point SI19?

The SI19 point is conveniently situated in the indentation in front of the ear flap known as the tragus, which pops up when you open your mouth.

How to find Acupressure Point SI19?

  1. Open your mouth slightly.
  2. Find the indentation or dip that appears in front of the tragus, the little bump in front of the ear.

Completion Bone Point (Wan Gu 完骨 GB12) Acupoint

The Completion Bone helps manage migraines, dizziness, and various ailments like ear-related diseases. It is especially useful when it comes to handling migraines, dizziness, facial nerve paralysis, insomnia, and various other issues. It can soothe symptoms like ear-related diseases, neck pain, palpitations, asthma, and sore throat.

Where is Acupuncture Point GB12?

The GB12 point is nestled in the crevice at the lower end on the backside of the mastoid process - the high bone located behind your ear.

How to find Acupressure Point GB12?

  1. Find the large, high bone behind your ear.
  2. Locate the indent at the lower end, on the backside of this bone.

Spirit Court Point (Shen Ting 神庭 GV24) Acupoint

The Spirit Court treats ailments such as chronic rhinitis, nasal infections, and headaches. It is an effective acupuncture point for treating a variety of ailments, including chronic rhinitis, nasal infections, headaches, dizziness, and epilepsy. Particularly useful when one experiences pain above the eyebrows or difficulty looking upwards.

Where is Acupuncture Point GV24?

The GV24 point can be found approximately 0.5 inches above the hairline, lying smack in the middle between your eyebrows.

How to find Acupressure Point GV24?

  1. Find the spot directly between your eyebrows.
  2. Measure half an inch (approximately the width of your thumb) upwards from that spot, towards your hairline.

Pressure Points for Headaches on Neck

Wind Pool (Fengchi 風池) GB20 Acupoint

The Wind Pool Point is suitable for headache relief, insomnia, and common cold symptoms. It is perfect for treating symptoms of common cold but also a powerful tool for headache relief. This point is located beneath a noticeable bone at the back of your neck. Besides headaches, this point can help alleviate insomnia, stiff necks, dizziness, and eye tiredness.

Where is Acupuncture Point GB20?

The Fengchi acupoint is under a bone at the back of your neck, quite close to where your hairline starts.

How to find Acupressure Point GB20?

  1. Feel for the bone behind your ears.
  2. Move a little back from this bone till you feel a dip near your hairline.
  3. Press this spot. That's the point.

Pressure Point for Headache on Leg

Yin Mound Sprint Point (Yang Ling Quan 陽陵泉) SP6 Acupoint

Yin Mound Spring promotes Qi circulation and aids in managing lower body issues and stomach ulcers. The Yin Mound Spring acupoint is great for relieving issues with the lower body, easing liver activity, promoting Qi circulation, and reducing pain. It can assist with conditions such as leg paralysis, muscle spasms, sciatica, and knee pain. It also helps manage stomach ulcer symptoms and control excessive fiery energy, which can cause hair loss.

Where is Acupuncture Point SP9?

The SP9 acupoint is located in the depression just below the outer part of your lower leg's head.

How to find Acupressure Point SP9?

  1. Feel for the bump on the outside of your lower leg.
  2. Move your finger just below it to a small dip.
  3. Press there. You've found the point.

How To Relieve Headaches Using Acupressure Points?

Acupressure offers potential relief from headaches by regulating the body's energy pathways. Concentrating on particular acupressure points known to ease headache symptoms, such as Baihui (GV20), the Four Spirit Clearing Points (Ex-HN1) around Baihui, Hearing Palace Point (SI19), Completion Bone Point (GB12), and Spirit Garden Point (GV24), can help mitigate the discomfort commonly linked to headaches. Headaches, which might arise from stress, sinus congestion, or migraines, can hinder daily life, but acupressure provides a natural method to potentially counteract these pains.

Here are some practical tips to get the most out of these acupressure techniques:

  • Create a serene environment: Choose a quiet space where distractions are minimal. This calm setting will enhance your focus and heighten the healing effects of acupressure.

  • Deep breathing: Initiate your session by inhaling and exhaling deeply. This not only calms your mind but also prepares your body for the acupressure session, making it more receptive to the process.

  • Clean hands: Hygiene is essential. Ensure that your hands are clean before you start. This will prevent any potential infections, especially when dealing with sensitive areas.

  • Consistency is key: Regular application of these acupressure techniques is more beneficial than sporadic sessions. Aim to integrate these into your daily or weekly routine for a sustained impact

Should you be uncertain about finding or pressing these points correctly, it's best to consult with a proficient acupressure practitioner.

Moxa Acupressure App Can Simplify Your Acupressure Journey

The Moxa Acupressure App aids in locating acupoints for headaches and tracks progress. With the Moxa Acupressure App, you can effortlessly discover the right acupoints for your specific headache symptoms. The app guides you through pacing your sessions and even allows you to track your progress over time. Utilizing the power of technology, this app can be your companion in the journey towards a headache-free life.

Incorporating acupressure into your wellness routine not only helps alleviate headaches but also promotes overall balance and harmony in the body. By unlocking the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine, you can empower yourself to live a life free from the troubles of headaches and embrace a holistic approach to well-being.

Remember, when it comes to acupressure, consistency, mindfulness, and self-care are the keys to success. Don't wait for the next headache to strike. Start your acupressure practice today and embark on a journey towards lasting relief and well-being.

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