Acupressure Points for Energy

April 1, 2022
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Lacing energy in the middle of the day? Fatigue can often feel like a heavy curtain, diminishing our vitality and zest for life. Under the umbrella of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), our energy - or "qi" - flows through us like a life-giving river. When this flow encounters disruptions or blockages, it can manifest as physical and mental weariness.

Pressure Points for Energy on the Head

Hundred Meeting (Bai Hui 百會穴) GV20 Acupoint

Hundred Meeting Point is useful for relieving tiredness and discomfort from mental fatigue.

Where is Acupuncture Point GV20?

Hundred Meeting Acupoint is located at the very top middle part of your head.

How to find Acupressure Point GV20?

  1. Start by touching the highest part of your head.
  2. Imagine a line that goes up from the top of each of your ears.
  3. Where these lines meet at the top of your head is where GV20 is located.

Human Center (Ren Zhong 人中) GV26 Acupoint

Human Center Point is good for increasing energy and clear thinking. It very helpful for those dealing with exhaustion from certain health conditions. Use this point when you're feeling tired or need a quick energy boost.

Where is Acupuncture Point GV26?

Human Center Acupoint is located where there's a small dip between your nose and upper lip.

How to find Acupressure Point GV26?

  1. Start at the bottom of your nose.
  2. Move straight down until you feel a small dip.
  3. This is the point GV26

Supreme Yang (Tai Yang 太陽) Ex-HN5 Extra Acupoint

Supreme Yang Point can help improve circulation which leads to energy boost. This is beneficial for those struggling with fatigue.

Where is Acupuncture Point Ex-HN5?

Supreme Yang Point is found where your eyebrow ends, just before you feel the temples on your head.

How to find Acupressure Point Ex-HN5?

  1. Start at the outer corner of your eye.
  2. Move your finger towards your temple.
  3. Stop just before your temple, at a little dip in the bone.
  4. This is the Supreme Yang point.

Pressure Points for Energy on the Leg and Feet

Hill Ruins (Qiu Xu 丘墟) GB40 Acupoint

Hill Ruins Point is known to calm the liver, benefit the gallbladder and help energy flow.

Where is Acupuncture Point GB40?

The Hill Ruins Point is on the outer side of your foot, near a small depression before the ankle.

How to find Acupressure Point GB40?

  1. Look at the outside of your foot.
  2. Find the small indentation just before the ankle.
  3. This is the GB40 Hill Ruins Point.

Pressure Points for Energy on the Body

Shu Mansion Point under the collarbone refreshes and boosts energy.

Shu Mansion (Shu Fu 俞府) KI27 Acupoint

Shu Mansion Point is noted for boosting energy and refreshing the body. It a beneficial point for dealing with fatigue.

Where is Acupuncture Point KI27?

Shu Mansion Point Acupoint is a couple of inches below your collarbone ends, in between two ribs.

How to find Acupressure Point KI27?

  1. Find the ends of your collarbones.
  2. Measure two inches towards the middle of your body.
  3. There, between the ribs, is the KI27 point.

Lifestyle Changes to Maintain Healthy Energy Levels

Emphasizing sleep, massaging acupressure points, and lifestyle adjustments promote energy and well-being. To boost your energy levels and revitalize your body, there are several acupressure points you can focus on. Ensuring you get enough sleep, frequently massage acupressure points, listen to music, and maintain a calm mindset are also essential considerations to promote overall well-being. Additionally, it's important to avoid factors that can deplete your energy, such as overexertion, high-salt foods, stress, high-fat and spicy foods, and staying up late.

How to Use Acupressure Points for Energy

Reinvigorate energy by applying mindful acupressure to specific vitality-associated points. Engaging with pressure points like GV20 (Hundred Meeting), GV26 (Human Center), Ex-HN5 (Supreme Yang), GB40 (Hill Ruins), and KI27 (Shu Mansion) can potentially uplift your energy levels, especially useful in combating fatigue from prolonged mental exertion or physical activities.

Here are some practical tips to get the most out of these acupressure techniques:

  • Create a serene environment: Choose a quiet space where distractions are minimal. This calm setting will enhance your focus and heighten the healing effects of acupressure.

  • Deep breathing: Initiate your session by inhaling and exhaling deeply. This not only calms your mind but also prepares your body for the acupressure session, making it more receptive to the process.

  • Clean hands: Hygiene is essential. Ensure that your hands are clean before you start. This will prevent any potential infections, especially when dealing with sensitive areas.

  • Consistency is key: Regular application of these acupressure techniques is more beneficial than sporadic sessions. Aim to integrate these into your daily or weekly routine for a sustained impact

Individual responses can vary. If these acupressure techniques don't offer the relief you're seeking, consider consulting with a licensed acupuncturist or TCM practitioner for tailored advice.

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