Acupressure Points for Tennis and Golf Elbow

August 27, 2023
4 mins

Acupuncture Points Mentioned in this Article

Tennis elbow and golf elbow involves pain in the forearm muscles, often due to overuse.

Causes of Tennis and and Golf Elbow

  • General Stress on Tendons: Doing activities or holding positions that put too much pressure on the tendons can lead to pain and inflammation, even without a specific injury or constant overuse.

  • Upper Arm Overuse: Lifting things a lot, playing tennis as the name suggests, or holding the arms up for too long, can pinch nerves in the upper arm, leading to pain.

  • Wrist Overuse: Using the wrist and fingers too much or in the wrong way can hurt the tendons in the elbow, causing pain and swelling.

  • Ligament and Cartilage Damage: Harm to the outer elbow from injuries or using it too much can also create issues like tennis elbow.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach to Tennis and Golf Elbow

In Chinese medicine, Tennis and Golf Elbow are associated with numbness symptoms, which include heat and swelling. High-risk individuals include those who frequently need to rotate their forearms and lift heavy objects, such as chefs and movers, and those who frequently repeat work steps, such as housewives.

Pressure Points for Tennis and Golf Elbow on Arm

Cubit Marsh Point (Chi Ze 尺澤) LU5 Acupoint

Cubit Marsh Point provides relief for tennis and golf elbow and various other issues. In particular, treatment at this point can help soothe elbow pain and reduce thickening of the arm, which can both be associated with these sports injuries. Outside of these specific issues, it can also help with a wide range of issues such as abdominal pain, throat pain, cough, asthma, skin allergies, chest tightness, arthritis, and frozen shoulder.

Where is Acupuncture Point LU5?

The LU5 acupoint is located at the inner elbow joint, on the thumb side of a hard tendon that emerges when your elbow is bent.

How to find Acupressure Point LU5?

  1. Bend your elbow with your palm facing upwards.
  2. Feel for a hard tendon on the inner joint of your elbow.
  3. Locate the point in the depression on the thumb side of this tendon.
  4. The point lies on the transverse crease of your elbow and may have a pulsating feeling when touched.

Arm Three Miles (Shou San Li 手三里) LI10 Acupoint

Arm Three Miles Point alleviates tennis and golf elbow symptoms and addresses other health issues. Beyond being a remedy for these specific issues, the Arm Three Miles Point can help to treat health issues like intestinal problems, abdominal pain, and diarrhea, amongst others. It has also been used to improve the body's immune system, helping individuals be more resistant to common colds.

Where is Acupuncture Point LI10?

You can find the LI10 point two inches down from the bend of your elbow, towards your palm.

How to find Acupressure Point LI10?

  1. Position your arm with the back of your hand facing upwards.
  2. From the bend of your elbow, move two inches towards your palm.
  3. The point is there, and you may sense discomfort when pressure is applied.

Pool at The Bend (Qu Chi 曲池) LI11 Acupoint

The Pool at The Bend Point provides relief for tennis and golf elbow by improving circulation. Treating this point canalso improve skin quality and complexion, in addition to treating common health issues such as fever, headaches, joint pain, abdominal pain, and eye fatigue.

Where is Acupuncture Point LI11?

The LI11 acupoint is situated at the outermost end of the elbow's transverse crease when your arm is bent.

How to find Acupressure Point LI11?

  1. Bend your elbow.
  2. Locate the outermost edge of the elbow crease.
  3. The point is there and may cause mild discomfort when pressed.

Pressure Points for Golf and Tennis Elbow on Wrist

Outer Gate (Wai Guan 外關) TH5 Acupoint

The Outer Gate Point offers relief for tennis and golf elbow, among other conditions. The Outer Gate Point is beneficial for people who are suffering from tennis elbow or golf elbow, as it provides relief from inflammation and pain. Apart from these specific issues, this point can also help address conditions like migraines, high blood pressure, upper limb joint pain, and stroke.

Where is Acupuncture Point SJ5?

You can find the SJ5 point two inches behind the dorsal wrist crease, located between the ulna and the radius bones in your forearm.

How to find Acupressure Point SJ5?

  1. Locate the dorsal wrist crease (the crease on the back of your wrist).
  2. Measure approximately two inches towards your elbow.
  3. The point is there, situated between the two bones in your forearm.

How to Relieve Pain from Tennis and Golf Elbow with Acupressure Points?

Acupressure techniques on points like Cubit Marsh, Arm Three Mile, Pool at the Bend, and Outer Gate can alleviate pain from tennis and golf elbow. Addressing pain associated with tennis and golf elbow can be achieved through targeted acupressure techniques, focusing on specific points known for alleviating pain and improving joint functionality.

  • Here are some practical tips to get the most out of these acupressure techniques:

  • Create a serene environment: Choose a quiet space where distractions are minimal. This calm setting will enhance your focus and heighten the healing effects of acupressure.

  • Deep breathing: Initiate your session by inhaling and exhaling deeply. This not only calms your mind but also prepares your body for the acupressure session, making it more receptive to the process.

  • Clean hands: Hygiene is essential. Ensure that your hands are clean before you start. This will prevent any potential infections, especially when dealing with sensitive areas.

  • Consistency is key: Regular application of these acupressure techniques is more beneficial than sporadic sessions. Aim to integrate these into your daily or weekly routine for a sustained impact

Individual responses can vary. If these acupressure techniques don't offer the relief you're seeking, consider consulting with a licensed acupuncturist or TCM practitioner for tailored advice.

Simplifying Acupressure with Moxa App

The Moxa App facilitates a tailored approach to acupressure for conditions like tennis and golf elbow. The app becomes a virtual guide, assisting you through specific acupressure points and techniques to ensure you effectively address areas crucial for elbow pain relief and a plethora of other health conditions.

The Moxa Acupressure App presents a library of acupressure sessions and rituals, designed and personalized to cater to your unique wellness journey. It guides you meticulously through the procedures, ensuring your application of pressure, its intensity, and duration are accurate and beneficial.

With the aim of demystifying and simplifying acupressure, the Moxa App paves the way for a nuanced, guided, and above all, a personalized wellness experience. It's not merely an application; it's your companion in acupressure practice, whether you are at the initial stages of your wellness journey or are a seasoned practitioner.

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