Great Surge Point

TCM Glossary
Acupuncture Points

Great Surge - 太衝 - LR3

Benefits of Great Surge Point

The liver meridian has special points that can help with various health issues. They can treat things like breast inflammation, headaches, sleep problems, dizziness, high blood pressure, painful periods, liver and intestine problems, and some reproductive issues. Pressing a specific point called "Tai Chong" can also make your skin look better and boost your sexual energy.

How to locate the Great Surge Point

  1. Begin by looking at the gap between your big toe and the next toe on your foot.
  2. Move your finger about one and a half inches up from that gap (slightly wider than your thumb's width).
  3. As you move upward, you'll come across a slightly dented area.
  4. This indented spot is the "Tai Chong" acupoint.
  5. Remember, there's one point on each foot, left and right.
  6. When you press this point with your finger, you might also feel your pulse.

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