Peaceful Sleep Point

TCM Glossary
Acupuncture Point

Peaceful Sleep - 安眠 - ExHN18


The Anmian point is known for helping people sleep better, making them feel calm and relaxed. If someone is stressed out or thinking too much, pressing on this point can help them chill out. It's also great for getting rid of headaches, especially the ones that hurt on the side or back of the head. If someone feels dizzy, the Anmian point can help stop that feeling. And if the neck feels sore or tight, this point can make it feel better.

How to locate the Peaceful Sleep Point

  1. Locate the inner edges of your eyebrows.

  2. The Yintang acupoint is located between the inner edges of your eyebrows, right in the center of your forehead. It's often referred to as the space between the eyebrows or slightly above the area where the bridge of the nose meets the forehead.

  3. Gently place your index finger or thumb on the Yintang point. You should feel a small indentation or a slightly softer area compared to the surrounding skin.

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