Union Valley Point

TCM Glossary
Acupuncture Point

Union Valley - 合谷 - LI4


He Gu is a point often used in acupuncture to help with problems like mouth and face issues. It's good for treating headaches, sore throats, fevers, tired eyes, nerve pain, stomach issues, high or low blood pressure, allergies in the nose, stomach pain, toothaches, period pain, and colds. It can also help clear up acne, reduce puffy eyes, and make skin smoother. It's a useful spot for many different problems.

How to locate the Union Valley Point

  1. Face your palm upwards.
  2. Near your wrist, there's a crease on the side closest to your little finger.
  3. Lightly bend your wrist while making a fist.
  4. You'll feel a tendon on the side closer to your little finger.
  5. The Shenmen spot is right where this tendon meets the wrist crease.
  6. It's about halfway up from the crease if you're looking from the palm side.

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