Spirit Gate Point

TCM Glossary
Acupuncture Point

Spirit Gate - 神門 - HT7


The Shenmen acupuncture point on the body can help calm down a racing heart or when the heart beats weirdly. It's a special point used to see if the heart has any problems. It's good for treating a fast-beating heart due to stress or extreme emotions. It can also help with hunger issues, chest pain, low blood pressure, numb or hurting arms, achy joints, tired eyes, feeling super tired, hard time pooping, not being able to sleep, and being forgetful.

How to locate the Spirit Gate Point

  1. Hold out your arm with your palm facing up.
  2. Look at your wrist and find the line or crease where your hand meets your arm.
  3. Look at the side of your wrist that's closest to your little finger.
  4. Make a light fist and slightly bend your wrist. Touch the area near the little finger side of the wrist. You should feel a hard string-like thing. That's a tendon.
  5. The "Shenmen" spot is right where this tendon meets the wrist crease. It's on both arms, so you can find it on your left and right wrist.
  6. This spot is also close to a bone in your wrist called the pisiform. It's on the thumb side of that bone, right at the wrist crease. If you press there, you've got the Shenmen point!

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